So he’s finally popped the question? You’re both madly in love? You Want a Wedding on a Budget.

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Now time for planning the big day! You want a fabulous wedding on a budget and are looking for some ideas for how to shave a little off the expenses.

Ok, you’ve done a little research already and you’re looking at all of the venues. You’d love that sunny day with gorgeous gardens and are looking at the prices for the elite locations to have a wedding. Well ladies and gents, I’ve got news for you….

If you’re on a mission not to blow every penny that you’ve ever saved, but, you still desire a memorable and classy wedding. Keep reading to learn about some of the ways to have a gorgeous wedding on a leaner budget.

Top 10 Ideas to have a Fabulous Wedding on a Budget

Wedding on a budget

1. Talk to the people who you know will be gift generous

We all have family members and close friends that we know will dig deep for wedding presents. It’s nice when we receive lovely gifts and keepsakes from friends and family. But, why not ask them to help out with some of the necessities for the wedding instead of the elaborate gifts that, let’s face it, will end up in a cabinet or the back of a press. This can be a great money saver when it comes to some of the wedding necessities. Instead of the list of the gifts that you’d like people to buy for the wedding day, ask them to help you prepare before.

2. The guest list

This is the most difficult part, you want to please everyone. In your head you’re thinking of all of the family members, friends, colleagues, cousins, second cousins, friends partners, kids, that guy who you did a project with a few years ago in work, the list keeps growing and growing. The truth is, you need to invite the nearest and dearest. Invite the people who matter to you, don’t invite people who you think your parents want there. Or your auntie Anne who you haven’t seen since you were 5 years old. Let’s be real about it, if you don’t want to be taking out a second mortgage for the big day and paying for it for the next 5-10 years. Think, really think about your guest list and be smart about who is added to that list.

3. Ceremony location

Why not consider holding the ceremony in a different location when having your wedding on a budget. A great way to save €€€’s is to consider using a family members restaurant to have the reception. If they have a room that they use for events, you could even arrange for the wedding to be held there. Alternatively, there are some beautiful restaurants in elite places. Restaurants to consider are quaint restaurants around the water front. Not only will you save a packet, your guests will be in awe at the view while sitting for their meal on your big day.

4. Wedding Invitations

Consider making your own wedding invitations. Even if you’re not a computer whizz, by using sites like you can easily design invitations to suit your needs. Alternatively, if you couldn’t be bothered even trying to use sites like this. You can easily hire a freelancer from sites like where you can choose from an array of designers and ask them to make you a custom invitation.

5. Entertainment

This one can be costly! Here are some shortcuts. Rather than the harp player in the reception area or church, why not just download some peaceful tunes to your iPod and pipe them through the stereo system that’s available.

Also, the band! How many weddings have you been to where there has been an extremely expensive band. They’re setting up for 2 hours, finally they play a couple of songs, then wait, they’re going on a break. But it’s only been 20 minutes of music. Suddenly you find yourself listening to a couple of recorded chart tunes on an iPod. There’s one that’s out now that you love, loads of the guests get up to dance, the music stops. The band are on again, yawn!!! I will never understand why couples splash out on bands who take about 4 breaks throughout the gig (slight exaggeration) and who play tunes that no-one wants to dance to. Finally, it’s time for the band to finish up, DJ time, this is the point where everyone is ready to dance. The DJ can see the atmosphere in the place and play to suit the crowd.

Ok, ok, rant over, the point here is, why not just hire a DJ for the night. They don’t take breaks every few minutes. They don’t take hours to set up. Your guests don’t have to listen to that annoying “one, two, one, two” just after the meal. It’s an all round better option. Be careful though, make sure you pick a DJ who knows how to interact with a crowd, not one who just plays music and stays silent at the mic.

6. The Wedding Dress

Another one that can burn through that budget wedding if you’re not careful. I know every girl wants the perfect dress for the perfect wedding. It is possible without spending a huge amount of your budget. I recommend that you try holding out for the sales in the dress stores. Even if you see a dress on sale, but it’s a little big, try it. If you like it you could get a seamstress to make it fit just perfectly. Alternatively, you could just look here where you’ll find even cheaper dresses than those that you’ll find on sale in high street stores. I know the site doesn’t look that amazing, but trust me, I have bought from these myself. The quality of the gown that you’ll receive is just as good as those in the high street, if not better! Be sure that you order in plenty of time though, because if you’re living in Europe, it’ll take a few weeks before it arrives.

7. The Honeymoon

Everyone wants to go on a celebrity honeymoon, we all want to go to Fiji, Bora Bora or the Maldives. We have to be real when we want to achieve a great wedding on a budget, set a budget and stick to it. There are beautiful places to go in France, Italy, Greece and Spain. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, all you want is your new partner and a relaxing beautiful time.

8. Suits

Why go the expense of buying suits only for them to be never worn again. It’d be far easier and less expensive to just go to a formal menswear shop and hire out the suits for the men in the wedding party.

9. Accessories

There are so many places that you can find inexpensive accessories nowadays. The spend can rapidly increase when you’re trying to buy accessories for flower girls, bridesmaids and of course the bride. Yes, you can do it cheap and go to some of the well known cheap high street stores. But, everyone has that stuff and let’s be honest, the quality isn’t great. Why not browse some great websites where you can buy quality boutique type pieces, which are not at a boutique type price.

10. Don’t Worry

Something is guaranteed to go wrong at the last minute. Don’t worry too much about it, it’s expected every wedding has a last minute hiccup. It’s not the end of the world if something small happens before the big day. It can be fixed, the likelihood of anyone noticing is minimal anyway. Just whatever you do, don’t throw a big load of money at trying to fix it.

After all you want this to be a fabulous wedding on a budget.

Congratulations! Enjoy your big day!




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