Yes, your wedding day is all about you and your new partner but it’s also an excuse to share the love with your guests. Of course it’s your friends and family who are the people that make your big day great.  It’s important to include a few to the day that really shows them just how important you feel they are. If you’re in wedding planning mode and your guests to feel special on your big day,

here are 12 wedding ideas that your guests will love…

  • Speeches – We all know what it’s like to be at a wedding and the speeches go on forever. They can be a real atmosphere killer. It’s your wedding so make sure you keep your finger on the pulse regarding speeches. Anyone who is intending on speaking at the speeches try to give them a little guidance to make sure they get it right. We know it can be a tough thing to get right but every guest will love you if you can get it right.
  • Guest book –  your guests put a lot of thought into writing your guest book message. If they know that you intend to display their message after the big day, it becomes even more important to them.

guest book

  • Entertainment – your guests won’t be all the same, so its important to cater to everyone’s taste. Different guests will have different ways to get in to the party spirit. Races and lawn games are good craic for younger guests whereas your older guests could appreciate things they can do from a comfortable chair.
  • Information – It sounds like a no brainer, right? This one you can get right from the very start. Your guests will really appreciate being given information from the start. Why not include information with – maps, taxi details and accommodation options with your invitations. Your guests will really appreciate it.
  • Event welcome – Its not nice to arrive anywhere and feel uncomfortable. You should make sure your groomsmen are at the ready to welcome your guests and give them a little guidance when they arrive.
  • Treats/Favours – Ok, this might be a difficult one, particularly if you’re having a very big wedding. However, instead of generic favours, why not chose something small on an individual basis. Your guests will feel so loved.

wedding day table 2

  • Practical presents – if its fans, flip flops, or sunglasses, you give your guests; practical treats that make life that much more comfortable will please your guests.
  • Blankets – Lots of weddings now include outside parts, for your guests to be able to enjoy these, they should be warm. Make sure you have baskets for those who feel the chill so they can keep warm and enjoy the fun.
  • Memories – everyone gets a bit sentimental at weddings so setting up a display of old family pictures from your time together gets everyone chatting and feeling the love.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks – a few of your guests won’t be drinking. We all know that there’s nothing worse than seeing everyone else is being served fabulous cocktails while you get nothing more than a coke. Make sure that the non-drinkers feel the love too.
  • Head space  – weddings can be long, tiring, emotional for you and your guests. If you provide your guests with a space for chilling and getting head space they’ll love you for it.

just married

  • Thank you – post-wedding thank you cards are always appreciated by your guests. Yes, they can be time consuming but a heartfelt note from you will mean the world to them.

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