The word diamante usually refers to crystal sparkling glamorous stones that look like diamonds. Initially these diamante stones were made from rock crystal. Although, since the 19th century they were typically made from crystal or glass. In the jewellery world the term diamante is also used to describe diamond like sparkle embellishments that is added to clothing, jewellery and hair accessories.

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How Diamante is used in Costume Jewellery

Just because diamantes are not made of actual diamonds, diamante doesn’t indicate cheap or poor quality.  Typically the man made stones are assembled with high-quality cut glass and are often prong set just like real diamonds. Don’t get me wrong, the cheap version does exist. Cheap costume jewellery is usually made with plastic or acrylic stones that are glued into place. These stones won’t sparkle like the higher quality diamante stones that you’ll find on SiGlamour.




Diamante Jewellery – Where it all began

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Diamante jewellery has been around for hundreds of years. The earliest diamante stones came to the market in the early 18th century. In current times you will hear people refer to the jewellery as crystal, diamante or rhinestones. In  Georgian times, diamante stones were known as paste jewellery. The term paste jewellery can still been seen today in vintage jewellery descriptions.

Paste jewellery from Georgian times can be known to fetch prices higher than other natural gemstones. I have seen some paste jewellery be sold higher than some diamond jewellery prices. Following Georgian times, the Victorian Era saw paste stones continue to be present in the jewellery market. The paste jewellery from Victorian times is easy to find and isn’t considered as rare as paste jewellery from the Georgian times. Oddly though the Victorian paste jewellery often had the stones set in silver or gold whereas the Georgian paste jewellery was set in metals coated in gold, silver colour.

There is a small difference between rhinestones and paste stones.  Rhinestones were made in the 1920’s during the time of Art Deco.  These rhinestones were manufactured from higher quality materials. They were typically made in Czechoslovakia and Austria both renowned for their exquisite glass production.

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